The Sober philosophy combines workmanship, attention to details, and a sincere devotion to high quality. Sober approaches its Dutch origin and the Calvinistic spirit as a source of inspiration for shape, color and mood, and translates this into small, refined collections.

The sense of something subdued is seen as an aspect of enrichment. While the collections represent quality and style, they are also designed to be useful. In essence, clothing by Sober is subtle and elegant, and simultaneously represents modern luxury.

Studio Sober is the overarching organization under which we find Sober, the brand. The philosophy behind the company Studio Sober is to employ the brand in order to create, produce, sell and communicate using a clear concept, good quality and an attractive price.

“Not only the clothing itself, but also the style of photography and the means for dialogue between label and customer subscribe to this philosophy.”

As such, the high quality clothing and the stylish yet timeless collection ensure that Sober is a compelling option for women who love both fashion and quality.